"Bharatiyam 2020 is Postponed till further Notice" Stay Tuned  For more updates.

Principal’s Message

Prof. Dr. Anand Bhalerao
Bharatiyam is an iconic program of this institute and is a celebration of our students’ ingenuity, perseverance and zeal to surpass expectations and achieve the unthinkable. Bharatiyam should grow in multiple folds, directions and dimensions.To celebrate life, don’t forget to celebrate the small things and achievements. My happiness lies in the growth of this institute and the accomplishments of my students. Life is based on your perception.For the freshers, I would like to mention that they should pursue their education from the bottom of their hearts and try to be involved in as many technical activities as possible.

i would also like to thank the faculty members and student who have worked selflessly and contributed wholeheartedly towards making Bharatiyam a huge success yet again.